For many couples, getting their IVF done overseas is a more practical choice than the local fertility clinic. The cost of IVF is lower without sacrificing the quality of medical care and the expertise of the doctors. Although countries like Thailand and India have solid fertility programs, some couples are not comfortable with the idea of traveling to a far exotic location to get their treatment done and save on the cost of ivf. If this is the case, consider getting your IVF done in a nearby country like Mexico, or venturing to more Westernized locales like South Africa or Australia you will still save off the high cost of ivf.

Here are the average costs of IVF cycle in the following countries:

United States – $12,146
Mexico – $4,500
Australia – $7,117
South Africa – $3,335

Cost of IVF Savings in Mexico

Don’t want to travel too far? Can’t get a long leave from work? Consider getting your IVF done just south of the United States! Mexican clinics are one of the leading destinations for fertility tourists. With US-trained doctors, English-speaking staff, and low cost treatments, you won’t experience too much of a culture shock if you get your IVF done in Mexico. Another advantage is that you don’t need to get a visa to travel to Mexico. Crossing the border is also very easy and the travel time between the furthest point (New York City) and Mexico is no longer than 5 hours. This means you can the ovarian stimulation at home, right before your flight, limiting the time you’ll be spending abroad and still save on the cost of ivf.

Cost of IVF Deals in Australia

Although Australian women find the cost of IVF a little too expensive, Australian fertility clinics still offer competitive rates at just $7,117 per cycle. Some clinics also offer extra services to promote your well-being such as counseling and acupuncture. One consideration to keep in mind is that there are limits to the number of embryos you can transfer, unlike in Asia or Mexico where there are no restrictions. However, although in some cases it might increase your chance of pregnancy, transferring too many embryos isn’t safe, and you can choose to have the remaining embryos frozen for future use.
While surrogacy is legal in Australia, each state has different laws to address the issue. In Victoria, for instance, the surrogate mother must receive no financial or material gain from acting as the surrogate.

Inexpensive cost of IVF in South Africa

Did you know that the first IVF conception and birth in Africa happened in South Africa in 1984? Since then, South Africa has been one of the world leaders in reproductive health and fertility treatments. For example, they developed a computerized system that can evaluate sperm morphology according to strict criteria. Doctors are also developing $200 IVF treatments for African women in order to help them overcome the taboo of infertility. There are no rules that restrict the number of embryos to be transferred, and you can also avail of egg donation or surrogacy programs in South African clinics. Like in many Asian countries, travel agents offer packaged deals so that you can enjoy a blissful vacation in between phases of your IVF cycle.

If you would like to know more ways to reduce your cost of IVF for further information about that and lots of other tips to help you have a successful IVF.

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