The most important tip for overcoming trouble getting pregnant is knowing how your body works aka your menstrual period or fertility cycle . If you want to know the best chances of having your egg fertilized in order to achieve conception, then, read this article as I give you the tips for overcoming trouble getting pregnant.

The first step you need to take is to visit your doctor to know whether you are healthy enough to conceive and have a baby. Your doctor remains the best person to give you the candid professional advice needed in your quest to overcome trouble getting pregnant.

Trouble Getting Pregnant Tips and Tricks

Furthermore, it is very important to know how your monthly cycle works and how best to schedule sexual intercourse so as to create the best chances of getting your egg fertilized for conception to take place. Here are some tips on how to do this: a woman’s monthly period is usually between 28-30 days. If your monthly period is 28 days, then, ovulation is likely to occur between the 12-16 days before the onset of your next monthly period. That makes day 14 your most fertile day but if if your monthly period is 30 days, day 16 could be the best time to get pregnant and overcome trouble getting pregnant. The chances of not having any trouble getting pregnant is high if intercourse is timed right.

Another tip for getting pregnant is knowing how to keep diary or charts of daily temperature readings, records of cervical secretions, intercourse notes and any other information that might be of relevance in your aim of making your dream come true. Keeping records of cervical secretions and the accompanying changes that comes with it is another way of knowing your best chance of getting pregnant. As you approach the time you are most fertile, the cervical secretions changes in texture and increases in volume. The purpose of slippery cervical secretions is to help the sperm move better through your vagina. It is of note that during your ovulation period, there is a heightened sexual desire and the cervical secretions appear egg-white-like.

In addition, another great tip for getting pregnant is the position you use when you indulge in sexual intercourse. The recommended positions are to have the man behind the woman, with the woman’s hips supported by a pillow or something like that or using the missionary position. This will be optimal for having a baby.

Trouble getting pregnant what you need to know

More so, do try and enjoy sex and have orgasm together as this increases your chances of avoiding having trouble getting pregnant. immediately after ejaculation, try not to move too much after sex. It is easy for semen to leak out of the body afterwards if you do. Try to stay lying down in bed for 30 minutes after intercourse. Also,along with this, don’t go to toilet until 30 minutes after sex. You want your partner’s semen to bathe your cervix and hopefully fertilize that all important egg for conception to take place.

Your diet is another important tip for not having trouble getting pregnant. Always watch out for the health of you and your partner because a good healthy diet is important to ensure you are both in tiptop condition. Eat lots of fresh produce including fruit and vegetables and make sure you are drinking lots of water. Keeping well hydrated will ensure that you flush toxins from your body.

Dietary consideration matters a lot as knowing the right kind of food is only half the battle. You also need to know what NOT to eat. Keep away from heavily processed which include fast food, packaged foods, alcohol, canned goods, and more. Caffeine should also be avoided. These things can contain things such as sugar, MSG, preservatives, artificial food colorings etc. Keeping away from hormone-altered diets can help produce the correct chemical environment that will help the body become more prepared for a healthier ovulation thereby making conception easier and will insure you do not have any trouble getting pregnant.

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